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Linux 7.1: Latest stable version of Linux RedHat 7.1 is now installed.
Improved Plans: Now standard plan comes with 50Mb disk space instead of 25Mb and much more.
NEW SERVERS: we proudly announce the launching of new servers with the latest configuration in the industry.
SubDomains: every domain can use unlimited subdomains each one pointing to a subfolder with its FTP account.
SSL: Now each customer can have his very own SSL folder for secure transaction.

Because we own our servers, you will NOT pay for us and our provider.
We sell you today what your site needs today, and you can buy later what you need later.
Our unique plan is enough for most sites, you will never pay for something you will never use. In the same time you can add any features for extra charges.

. Red Hat Linux 7.1 Operating system
Apache 1.3.20
24/7 Server Monitoring
OC3 Connectivity to Servers
%99.95 Uptime guaranteed

No ads or copyrights, ..

50Mb Disk Space (was 25Mb)
Unlimited transfer
10 PopMails,Auto Responders (was 5)
10 Mailing lists (was 5)
10 SubDomains (separate FTP accounts) (was 5)

. 24/7 FTP Access
Full CGI support (scripts can be run from anywhere in your webspace)
MySQL database
Server side includes SSI

. Full Virtual Server Admin. Including:
FTPs and SubDomains
Mime Types and Cron Jobs
Custom error pages
Changeable MX record
MySQL Logins
Webmail program
Catch all Mails
Webalizer and Analog Stats

Advanced Form processing.
Easy Form2Mail program.
Multi-page graphic based Counters.
Easy HTML/Java Chat Clients.
DownCounter and Java Clock.
Random HTML Generator

In order to keep our fees low we use PayPal
On-Line payment services for processing creditcard payments
Safe-Secure Payments by the
Largest Payment Service on the Internet
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To signup and pay on a month to month
basis at $10.00 per month click here   

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Pay for 11 months total= $110.00 and get the 12th month FREE,
Thats only $9.17 per month to be in business on the internet
and be selling through your own storefront
24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Extras Setup Year
Extra 50Mb Space
Extra 100Mb Space
Extra 300Mb Space
Extra 10 Pop mails
Enable Unlimited Pops
Extra 5 SubDomains (+FTP)
Unlimited SubDomains
Options Setup Year
Enable MySQL (unlimited databses) -- $48.00
Domain Registration
FrontPage 2000 Ext. $30.00
Unique IP address
Remote MS Win2000 folder with ODBC. $18.00 $24.00
SSL Folder (10 Mb)

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